PDF-XChange Viewer discontinued

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Re: PDF-XChange Viewer discontinued

Post by FrizzleFry » 2016 Mar 25, 03:06

Kilmatead wrote:
FrizzleFry wrote:The viewer has provided a portable version since I've been using it...
Actually, the XChange product page does say something about a free portable version being available for XChange "Plus" whatever that is. Search the page for the word "portable" and you'll see the reference. :shrug: It's been so long since I bothered looking at their product lists that the finer points elude me.

But yes... that 102MB installer is not a good sign. The last one I had (for x64) was just 64MB. Hmm... (I just did a quick install of this "plus" thing... seems to be the same as the normal version as far as I can tell, with something called "lite" attached, but that is not anything portable. Maybe the whole install folder itself is portable? Altogether very odd...) :?
Ahh! There it is... you can grab the portable editor in the drop down to download the plus version... 40+ MB or 27+ for no OCR... still larger than the 16 or 8 MB for the viewer but much better than installing all the bloat... keep in mind that the portable version is probably the 32-bit version...

Whoa, that is a busy toolbar.

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Re: PDF-XChange Viewer discontinued

Post by Kilmatead » 2016 Mar 25, 09:16

FrizzleFry wrote:Whoa, that is a busy toolbar.
For that, you can just use:

Edit -> Preferences -> Registration -> Hide all licensed features from toolbars and menus :D

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