Are Windows login passwords needed?

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Are Windows login passwords needed?

Post by lank » 2016 Aug 21, 17:44

Looking for some expert thoughts. I know there are some here. I think.

I'm debating whether there are any real benefits to having to log in with a password on to my Windows 10 desktop. So far I can't find why I want to bother unless someone can convince me otherwise.

My computer is at home and I'm basically the only one that uses it and only have one administrator account. I run Kaspersky Internet suite, CCleaner regularly, and Malwarebytes once in awhile. I also only have it set up as local account and nothing syncs with Microsoft.

Doing any kind of Goodle/Bing/DuckDuckGo search only returns information on how to change account, password, etc. Nothing on whether it's even needed in the first place.

Are there security advantages to having password login?

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Re: Are Windows login passwords needed?

Post by nikos » 2016 Aug 22, 05:56

I only have a password so kids cannot enter the admin account. It is like having a monopoly on what gets installed on the computer

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