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adblock plus tip

Post by nikos » 2016 Dec 16, 09:52

I use ABP for IE, despite the fact that it locks up the browser around 10 times every day, because I've read too much about ransomware and other flyby $#!+e that can invade through malicious flash adverts

is adblock safe though? Everyone thinks it must be ok because it is open source and because nobody has blown any whistles on it yet. But you cannot be certain. What if it is a wolf in disguise and you let it in your browser? Potentially stealing keystrokes and login details?

here's a tip for the guy who will not trust his own mother: whenever you want to browse into something sensitive, like a bank account, open an inprivate browsing session (that's how it's called for internet explorer, but all browsers have it). The good thing is that this inprivate mode doesn't allow any plugins to load at all. So you can have ABP protecting you (hopefully) for the daily grind, and keep it out of temptation whenever necessary

when in doubt be safe :xmas:

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Re: adblock plus tip

Post by sanferno » 2016 Dec 18, 22:08

It's good to know. I supose you use IE for some logical reason, at the same time I don't have nothing against that browser, but I use Firefox and I don't have any (or at least not many) issue with ads, pop-ups, and so on. I use Chrome for some websites that load better in it, but apart from that I don't have much experience, neither with Edge.

Private windows or tabs are interesting approaches but, and I don't think I'm a psico with security altough I have some concerns about it, how could we "secure" our digital life when, for instance, Google can read all of our e-mails and, with that, know everything about us? I'm even affraid that their computing centers are able to decrypt any file hosted in their servers in the twinkle of an eye...

My humble conclusion is: use all the services that we have at the reach of our hand nowadays, but being a bit aware of all this concerns. And remember, if you don't want to be tracked by no means, de-attach your network cable from the computer you want to rest safe and private (if that isn't 100% possible, at least this way is almost 99% safer).

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