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Advanced Query Syntax missing in Windows File Explorer and Word 2013 legacy Open dialog Search boxes

Posted: 2020 Jun 20, 17:16
by pschroeter
I recently installed some Windows updates and now Advance Query Syntax is missing from the Search boxes in Windows File Explorer and the Word 2013 legacy Open dialog boxes I can no longer limit searches by date (create:, modified:, ect) or click and summon that little drop down calendar to use anymore. The Search box only works for text searches. The history dropdown box only shows previous search text next to a little clock icon I've never seen before. I searched for this problem online and I only found one article from January that suggested a Windows update might have done this.

I sure hope there is there a fix for this. I know I can use xplorer2, but it involves some extra steps.

The Gawds laugh at us mortals. I've never been a fan of AQS over just have a real file search tool. Just last week after seven years of using Word 2013 I figured out how to search for a week of seven days (THEpastweek:) and started getting comfortable using AQS, and now it’s disappeared.

September 23, 2020. I'm still hopeful someone can help as this has not gone away. I actually am using x2 instead of Word dialog boxes to search for files, but it takes a few extra clicks.