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Post by Gandolf » 2010 Jun 17, 13:56

nikos wrote:... if you can't match your last extension character you can match any one e.g. exactmatch.?ls
Come off it!

How many do I have to try?? exactmatch.?ls, exactmatch.x?s, exactmatch.xl?, and more if the extension (as it often is) is more than three characters long.

There are dozens of extensions and trying to find a unique combination of characters and a question mark is going to take longer than finding and marking the files manually.

If you are not going to change the rule, then you had better change the descriptions.

"Mark Items according to rule" (which is the one I use the most), Named 01.jpg is clearly a lie! X² does not mark the items that match the rule of Named = 01.jpg.

I have so far found 1,426 files incorrectly moved, and that is probably less then a quarter of them.

Your example of cat finding *cat* is a very appropriate one because it also finds catastrophe, which is exactly what the find is!!

You should not assume what your users want - remember "Never assume anything because it makes an ASS out of U and ME".

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Post by fgagnon » 2010 Jun 17, 14:35

nikos wrote:perhaps you have to think how many things are enabled with the new scheme!
Yeah, things that are in some cases neither expected nor wanted.  :(

I will give you the point that it is usually nice in a search where one will visually post-filter the excess returns to find item names containing the specified search terms... before committing them to the next operation (such as move or delete).
However, that quickly becomes tedious and error-prone when doing massive file rearranging tasks.  It that case there needs to be a way to specify that the search results match the search terms EXACTLY  :!:  

PLEASE provide a way to disable the *padding* for these situations. Image

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Post by narayan » 2010 Jun 17, 18:30

I remember asking that feature when the OmniFinder was first introduced.

So my vote is also "aye".

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Post by Gandolf » 2010 Jun 18, 10:02

It's 3 to 1 now against you Nikos!

Surely it can't be so against your principles to provide an exact match option.

The Mark / Show items according to rule is so powerful that it's a pity there is no exact match option.

Please re-think and add it.

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