My x2 suddenly shows weird behavior

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My x2 suddenly shows weird behavior

Post by 345 » 2015 Dec 01, 19:43

from one moment to the next, my x2 shows the following behavior:
a) tab key does not toggle between the 2 panes anymore, but focus goes to address line and stays there if I don't then switch focus by mouse
b) upon changing folder in a pane by back key, it often jumps to desktop instead of jumping to parent folder

I'm sorry, I think I just found the culprit, my shift-key seems to have "stuck". It's back to normal now.

And it's back to the weird behavior now (a and b), and my shift-key is NOT "down", "stuck" or anything.

Please be so kind and help.


Went back and forth several times now. Has nothing to do with my shift-key.

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Re: My x2 suddenly shows weird behavior

Post by profess » 2015 Dec 01, 21:06

bash shift and/or ctrl and see if it changes behaviour.
maybe try a different keyboard.
still no joy?
Live life...

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Re: My x2 suddenly shows weird behavior

Post by nikos » 2015 Dec 02, 05:08

try a reboot and see if it helps

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