locating content - what am i doing wrong

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locating content - what am i doing wrong

Post by RjayZab »

Hi - I ran a Content search only in DeskRule and in the Omni-finder in xplorer2 both using the latest version. I did this search on the same folder. DeskRule found 18 files with the same Content and the Omni-finder found 27 files. Omni- finder found 7 more PDF files and 2 .exe files. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong in my searching. windows 10/64

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Re: locating content - what am i doing wrong

Post by nikos »

deskrule only searches for text content, so it won't search in EXE files or anything that is not text. Some PDF files are also pictures instead of text, and xplorer2 will search in them as binary. It depends what are you searching for. In terms of useful search results, deskrule will return real content.

Are you letting deskrule do a "robust search" after it has searched the index?
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