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declone v1.5 movie hound

Post by nikos »

i-DeClone can now discover duplicate movies stored in various formats and resolutions, by actually "watching" them. Try that chatGPT :)

full changelog below
Movie filenames and tags are notoriously unreliable. But now i-DeClone can find duplicate movies by examining their content!
The fingerprint algorithm that can find similar music now works for Movies too. Scan for similar movies and make sure COMPARE FILE CONTENT is ticked in Advanced scan options page (and most likely UNTICK "Files must have the same extension if you want to find the same movie in MP4 and AVI and with various HD resolutions). i-DeClone actually "watches" the first couple of minutes of each movie, so the comparison is deep and robust -- although a bit slow.

For more information see:

Many movies start with the same "20th century fox" introduction, so i-DeClone skips the first 50 seconds to where the "real" movie starts. If you want to skip more, tweak the registry parameter called msVideoSkip.

If you search for duplicate music or video, and assuming you store each movie or music album in its OWN folder, you want to get rid of entire folders rather than individual media files. However, movie folders hold auxiliary (less important) files like subtitles and cover art, that may differ. So you cannot search for duplicate folders to begin with.

Enter the new SWAP WITH FOLDERS menu command (under Mark duplicates toolbar button). Once you find e.g. 10 duplicate songs belonging to the same album (parent folder), use the swap command to remove the MP3s from view and use just the parent folder in their place. So instead of 10 duplicate groups you have just one with the parent folders, which will cleanup the entire folder, music and auxiliary files alike.

There are many situations where this seemingly great idea may break down, so the feature should be used with extreme caution and only after examining the swapped folders, to see whether they include some important non-duplicate information that you don't want removed. Also you'd better use mark wizard to tick duplicates BEFORE swapping for parent folders. For more information see the documentation:

the first time you use the quick filter box, it may take some time to extract all the duplicate file properties, especially if they are SLOW like ID3 tags for MP3s. i-DeClone shows a progress bar when this happens (on the statusbar). Although this doesn't make things any faster, you can see how long it will take, and possibly CANCEL the operation, pressing ESC key

If you have thousands of files showing, filtering for all details could be practically impossible, so if there are more than 512 files showing, quick filtering will only use FAST properties like name, size and path. This limit is adjustable through nFastFilterCnt registry tweak.

If you only want to filter by filename, use program options F12 key

* IMPROVED AUDIO FINGERPRINTS. The algorithm that listens and detects similar songs is improved for deteccting the (variable) starting silence (if any). It is also 20% faster

* TIME LEFT ESTIMATE. If a scan takes too long, the progress window will show the approximate remaining time in minutes. Remember you can just leave i-DeClone unattended to do its work, you don't have to interact with it before the scan is complete.

* ADJUSTABLE MAIN FONT. The font used for the results list is adjustable through settings (F12 key). To enlarge ALL the program fonts (toolbars, menus etc) please consider increasing your system text size from Control Panel (display settings)

* FOLDERS TO SEARCH. You can add folders to search also by copying them in windows explorer, then click on the folders to search box in scan options and press CTRL+V key to paste them, which may be more convenient than drag/drop. The box also accepts TEXT paths, one full path per line.

* SAVED PROJECTS. When you press CTRL+F to start a new scan, double-click in UNFINISHED PROJECTS box (not on any file shown) and you will be able to select an older IDCS file to load (the box only shows the last 5 items you saved). Another option is to browse a folder with windows explorer and double click on a IDCS file, which will open i-DeClone and load the contents.
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Re: declone v1.5 movie hound

Post by johngalt »

Sweet! Thank you, Nikos! This will make fixing all those stupid music files I recovered from a partially formatted drive much, much simpler!

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