deskrule build 2001 released

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deskrule build 2001 released

Post by nikos » 2019 Jan 21, 08:00

small update sorting out searching in cloud folders (onedrive, dropbox etc)
use HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES menu command to get yours or visit the website
* Better search in cloud drives (onedrive, dropbox etc). Deskrule will search for basic properties in cloud drives, but will not cause unnecessary downloads for (offline) files on demand, e.g. for preview purposes.

* if some of the rule boxes get out of shape (e.g. after a window resize), deskrule will automatically arrange them. You can also right click on any toolabr and use the AUTO ARRANGE menu command

* If a search result is in a deep folder and cannot be opened by windows, deskrule offers to create a temporary readonly copy and open that instead. Note that Deskrule can preview deep documents but most other applications cannot open their own documents if they are in a folder with too many letters.

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