File highlighting in sync wizard

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File highlighting in sync wizard

Post by richardk » 2019 Mar 30, 18:20

Can xplorer2 do the following, and if not, does anyone know another program that can?

I want something like xplorer2's Sync Wizard, but it would highlight the unique files (or identical or whatever) with a color while not actually selecting them in the usual sense of the term. It would just be a color for marking them but the color would have no function other than marking. Obviously this would need to be a different color from the usual selection highlighting. The color would stay on the files until I clear it by clicking on a 'clear' button.

The problem with explorer2's sync function is that I want the highlighting of the unique files to remain while I do other things like opening individual files, move files other folders, scroll around,etc. In other words I just want to have the files marked there in the folder (not in a scrap folder) and stay that way for the session, without performing functions on all of them at once - such as deleting or copy/paste - which is what xplorer2 is intended for (although I often do that, too). Obviously this is completely different from Sticky Selection.
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Re: File highlighting in sync wizard

Post by nikos » 2019 Mar 31, 06:51

you can emulate what you need using color tagging, first use sync wizard to select what files you need, then tag them and lose the selection. In the end you cancel the color tagging

this feature was added in version 3.5

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