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deskrule 2.03 released

Posted: 2019 Oct 08, 10:49
by nikos
Deskrule v2.03 released supporting the fashionable "dark mode" for the main user interface (see program settings). Free upgrade for existing customers:
download your free trial (or upgrade) from

Re: deskrule 2.03 released

Posted: 2019 Oct 09, 14:26
by sanferno
Hi Nikos,

I really appreciate your effort but, to be honest, I'm not really sure it works out well for DeskRule.

While I'm using Firefox to write this post, I realize they use some black color around 90%, which is more like a really dark gray in the end. Can I suggest you to try maybe 90% black instead of 100%. With full black it seems DR is transparent, at least for someone who has a solid black desktop image like me.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well. :beer:

PS: 90% black is in CMYK system, I assume you use RGB which would be 60-60-60 or '3C3C3C' in hexadecimal.

Re: deskrule 2.03 released

Posted: 2019 Oct 09, 16:11
by nikos
I just copied the colors from dark windows explorer. Sorry there is no customization of the basic dark background at present