Setting rootFolder with spaces

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Setting rootFolder with spaces

Post by wwwald » 2019 Nov 20, 13:02

I'm trying to find a way to easily & flexibly set a "root folder" in Xplorer2. This is the functionality that is provided by the command line option /R:, but I'd like it to be more accessible than via command line only. Is this functionality also available in the regular user interface, e.g., via the right-click menu?
I searched, but haven't found it yet.

In an attempt to specify a "user command" that does exactly this, I noticed that the /R: command line switch does not work with paths containing spaces.

For instance:

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xplorer2_64.exe /R:C:\Users
does work, but

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xplorer2_64.exe /R:"C:\Program Files
does not.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround (quotes don't seem to work)?

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Re: Setting rootFolder with spaces

Post by nikos » 2019 Nov 20, 13:41

put everything inside quotes "/R:c:\new folder"

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