Tab Sort Order Not Being Saved

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Tab Sort Order Not Being Saved

Post by sha.s » 2019 Nov 26, 15:50

I have 3 tabs each on the left and right panes. Left-Tab-1 sorted by Name, Left-Tab-2 sorted by Date Modified, Left-Tab-3 sorted by Name, Right-Tab-1 sorted by Name, Right-Tab-2 sorted by Name, Right-Tab-3 sorted by Date Modified.
I lock all the tabs. I Save Layout as "MyStdLayout". I then Save Settings Now.

The next time I open xplorer2, the sort orders of each tab are all by Name.

Additionally, I am confused as to how to create a New Layout. The default layout is no longer in its out-of-the-box state; got overwritten along the way. How would one create a new layout, starting at its base state?

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Re: Tab Sort Order Not Being Saved

Post by nikos » 2019 Nov 26, 18:56

to have each tab with different sort order etc, use TOOLS > ADVANCED OPTIONS and tick Each folder tab can have different view settings, found in layout settings tab

for window layouts see here

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