Auto-updating folders WITHOUT auto-sorting?

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Auto-updating folders WITHOUT auto-sorting?

Post by AndyFielding » 2019 Nov 30, 01:11

I was using one of my old laptops today with xplorer2 v1.8 on it. In v.1, when I change a folder's contents, the tab auto-refreshes, but it does NOT re-sort everything.

That's exactly what I want it to do! I always want to see folders' current contents, so I always want them to update automatically. But I don't want to also auto-sort everything (move files to top, alphabetize everything). I want the files and/or folders I've just added to stay together at the end, where I can keep working with them.

I can't figure out how to do this in v4.3.0.1. If I turn off "Automatically re-sort-contents after moving/copying etc." (Tools > Options > "Window" tab), it also stops updating folders' contents (removing deleted objects, adding new ones).

To see a changed folder's current contents, I must press Ctrl+R ("Refresh"). This updates the folder—but it also re-sorts everything.

Is there a way to make v4 act like v1 this way? So it automatically updates a changed folder's contents, but does not re-sort them?

I hope I've made this clear. If not, I'll try again to explain it. (I find that's often necessary here, for some reason. :? ) Thanks!

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Re: Auto-updating folders WITHOUT auto-sorting?

Post by nikos » 2019 Nov 30, 05:05

turning off Automatically re-sort-contents after moving/copying etc option doesn't turn off autorefresh, you just need to scroll to the end of the list to see new additions

to make v4 work like your old xplorer2, use TOOLS > ADVANCED OPTIONS menu command and tick "Allow inactive tabs to consume resources" option (Global property page)

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