Deleted Folder Keeps Reappearing

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Deleted Folder Keeps Reappearing

Post by FightingBob » 2019 Nov 30, 01:49

I have a bizarre problem (at least it is to me) with a deleted folder that keeps reappearing in xplorer2.

This is not the same problem that I've seen reported elsewhere, where deleted folders reappear in File Explorer. In my case, even though the folder reappears in xplorer2, it does not appear -- is not accessible -- in File Explorer, at least not as long as I don't put anything in it. If I then use xplorer2 to put a file in the folder, the folder then appears in File Explorer as well as in xplorer2. But that makes no difference as to the reappearance problem. Whether I delete it through File Explorer or through xplorer2, it eventually reappears.

Restarting the computer doesn't seem to be an immediate cause of the reappearance. I've restarted a number of times without the file reappearing right away. But it eventually does reappear.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how to fix it?

I have Win 10 Pro Version 1809 Build 17763.379 on a Microsoft Surface Book 2.


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Re: Deleted Folder Keeps Reappearing

Post by nikos » 2019 Nov 30, 05:02

the certain thing is that xplorer2 doesn't create folders on its own. You must figure out which program is responsible for it, perhaps a google search with the folder name

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