Get rid of Microsoft “Welcome to Office” pop up

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Get rid of Microsoft “Welcome to Office” pop up

Post by pschroeter » 2020 Jan 08, 22:52

A Microsoft “Welcome to Office” window keeps popping up randomly days apart asking me to sign in. I want it to go away and I have never gone online when I use Office 2013 For Students (actually I only use Word 2013). As far as I know it started after a recent update to Office 2013.

I went through Settings > Apps & Features (old Add/Remove Programs) and see a colorful icon for my Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 (1.69 GB) which I installed, but farther down the in the list after other programs I see another gray icon for something called Office (Microsoft Corporation) that is only 1.67 MB in size. Could that smaller gray Office program be the problem? Is it safe to delete? I wonder if it was something the Windows 10 Cumulative Update back in August decided to push on me.

I posted this question with images on: ... -appearing
I didn't get any useful help there so I'm trying here. I swear this dialog likes to pop up while I'm playing a game.

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Re: Get rid of Microsoft “Welcome to Office” pop up

Post by lancer21 » 2020 Jan 29, 09:07

Yeah, that's definitely an annoying little "feature" from our friends at Windows... If someone has found how to disable that, I'd be quite glad to hear about it as well.

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