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Folder Sorting

Post by Uzer99 » 2020 Feb 21, 17:18


I am a new user and use X2 to sort external drives and do offline storage searches. Is anyone aware of an application that could take directories/files on separate external drives and index/tag them with specific terms (music, games, movies, etc), then the tagged directories/files could be referenced/arranged in a separate directory tree under the relevant categories (music, games, movies, etc) which could be virtually linked like a symbolic link. The new directory tree could then be potentially available to the internet like a FTP directory (assuming the external drive is online).

The point of this would be to skip external drive directory/file sorting individually, and simply tag relevant folders/files by category (or use file type) and have everything virtually sorted in a new directory that can be easily configured at will in a new directory structure.

Does this exist already anywhere? If not, how hard would it be to develop this?

All relevant/helpful replies would be appreciated.


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Re: Folder Sorting

Post by nikos » 2020 Feb 22, 07:07

xplorer2 doesn't do any offline handling at present. Another program of ours called DESKRULE can index all your external storage, and allow you SEARCHES on a number of attributes, but not in the fashion you imagine. Actually I am not sure what you imagine, but deskrule will find all the music files for example, but as search results in a flat list. YOu can give it a go as it is a free trial, and see how you like it!

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