Direct Folder and TeraCopy Compatibility

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Direct Folder and TeraCopy Compatibility

Post by abrandre » 2020 Apr 06, 20:35


is there a way to make xplorer2 full compatible with Direct Folder and Teracopy. With Direct Folder you can jump to any deeply nested folder in just a single mouse click and TeraCopy is a robust copier.

Both are compatible with TotalCommander and DirectoryOpus. But I like xplorer2 so much and this incompatibility avoid adopt for once xplorer2.

It will be good feature.

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André Ribeiro

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Re: Direct Folder and TeraCopy Compatibility

Post by nikos » 2020 Apr 07, 08:21

perhaps the problem is that xplorer2 lite is 32 bit and your other tools are 64 bit? Try installing the full xplorer2 version and see if it helps

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