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deskrule v2.31

Posted: 2021 Jun 08, 09:26
by nikos
get it from here
or use Check For Updates menu within the program
* Location-based photo search gets much faster in windows 10, taking advantage of indexed GPS properties (System.GPS.LatitudeDecimal etc). For more information see here

* Right click on the search results column header to choose which file properties you want to see. Normally deskrule picks file details matching the search parameters; SELECT COLUMNS menu command allows you to TEMPORARILY see extra file information. If you want to add some details permanently in all search results, use msExtraColumns registry tweak (search the documentation for more details)

* some resizable dialogs like google maps will remember their sizes when you restart Deskrule

* If you bought DeskRule and want to use your unlock key immediately after you install the trial, press <Ctrl+Shift+L> keys and follow the instructions. For more information see the email with your registration key.

Re: deskrule v2.31

Posted: 2021 Aug 28, 19:32
by sanferno
Hi Nikos,

Justa quick note regarding version DR installer, is it a new one?
I'm not sure if I was having previously those funny characters due to the UTF-8 beta in Windows, anyway, it seems everything is running smoothly now.


PS. I haven't tested Declone, but I'll buy a license when you finally release it.

Re: deskrule v2.31

Posted: 2021 Aug 29, 07:18
by nikos
I started using unicode installers, which should solve the "funny characters" problem
people with windows 98 will only complain :)