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i-DeClone goes public!

Posted: 2021 Sep 15, 12:29
by nikos
that's it folks, i-DeClone is out of beta and is released to the world!
there's a draft website too:
(probably something more professional will be done eventually)

for those that were following the betas, here are a few additions since the last beta .19
* join groups command F9, must be 1 selected
* fixed problem with similar pics cache
* stress tested for large scan projects, looks ok
* orphaned group items removed with registry setting CLVOPT_WIPEORPHANS (off by default)
you will also discover that i-DeClone is now in trial mode, but all people who contributed in beta testing will get a free key (please email me)

ps. This is the last post about declone in this forum section, for future posts please see further down in deskrule/declone section

Re: i-DeClone goes public!

Posted: 2021 Sep 17, 10:42
by johngalt
Great news! 'Gratz!

Re: i-DeClone goes public!

Posted: 2021 Sep 20, 12:59
by nikos
mini-update for version 1.001, use HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES to get yours
* tip of the day works (see HELP menu), with 36 useful little tips.

* right click on ONE selected item and you will find a menu command SELECT SAME TYPE, which will select all matching filename extensions (e.g. all PDF). You can then operate on all of them at once, eg. press SPACE to mark or unmark them. For these kind of operations you can also use the filterbar eg, type .PDF to show only PDF results, select them with CTRL+A and do something useful.

* added a section "how to find various kinds of duplicates" in the website (scroll down to see them)

* SAVE button menu in scan options tab (where you select the folders to search) has a command ATTACHED DRIVES which will add all external devices to scan (connected phones, USB sticks etc), EXCEPT the local hard disk. If you want to scan everything (local, attached and mapped network drives), then use EVERYTHING command from the same menu

* If you didn't have enough time to read the last status bar message (be it error or otherwise), double click anywhere towards the left side (eg. on READY indicator) to see the last message in a dialog.

* a few bugfixes

Re: i-DeClone goes public! (v1.1)

Posted: 2021 Sep 23, 06:48
by nikos
things are moving quickly, version 1.1 has a new express mode that is meant for beginners. 3 preset scans without fumbling with folders or file properties. Enable it from program settings F12


that's it for this round, now I'm going to sit and update xplorer2 :)