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i-DeClone issues and observations

Posted: 2021 Nov 19, 01:23
by BradJ
This is v1.1.1.0.

I selected 'photos', 90% and scanned a folder.
The results that show up only identify the duplicate photo's by filename.
I guess I expected if I selected the percentage option then it would scan content automatically.
I manually turned on scan contents and got the expected result

I have no button bar. e.g. Start Scan, save scan, etc.
I'm running on 3 4K monitors, windows 10 Pro.

I observed these things a few days ago.
I went to the website to check if there is a new version and my installed version gives me no way to check what I had installed.
Maybe if I had the button bar there would be a way. Maybe be put it in the window title and the .exe file properties.

Re: i-DeClone issues and observations

Posted: 2021 Nov 19, 07:15
by nikos
declone searches with whatever settings YOU tell it to, Defaults are enforced when you change category (music, photos etc)
anyway, to compare your photos by content similarity, switch to advanced page and tick compare file content

I am not sure what happened to your toolbar, how does the window look like? Have you tried a reboot?