almost duplicate filenames

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almost duplicate filenames

Post by rnmerchant »

I thought I'd tidy up my downloads folder of duplicate files which have the same names except and appended number - typically it is an appended (1) or (2). (I admit to be messy at downloading - sometimes it is easier to download the same file than going to look for it, even within a single folder).

However a simple search within one folder, with the only criteria being duplicate filenames doesn't show any result. I guess because they are not truly duplicate, as I've described. (I rather thought I had seen somewhere that this would work but I guess not).

Is it possible to do this search? What criteria would I use...

Thanks Richard
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Re: almost duplicate filenames

Post by nikos »

what you can do is a SIMILARITY check on filenames, or forget filenames and search for size/content
see the sample projects at the bottom of the webpage:
e.g this one ... icates.htm
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