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i-DeClone v1.270 beta

Posted: 2022 Nov 22, 08:36
by nikos
the upcoming v1.3 of declone will be smart with folder duplicates. It is quite a drastic change so here's a BETA version to try it out

switch to EXPERT mode then a folder type will be available from the scan dialog. It only allows exact search, meaning that folders have to be 100% identical by name and all their contained files as well (and recursively for any contained subfolders). The algorithm will consolidate folder duplicates so that only the top folders will appear in the results, and none of their identical subfolders

please try it out and see if it works as expected. At present don't delete any important folders, as we are testing.
thanks for any feedback!

Re: i-DeClone v1.270 beta

Posted: 2022 Nov 22, 15:58
by johngalt
OMG! If this works as it seems that you want it to, I will be happy I bought it - my Mom makes these exact types of duplicates that are sometimes impossible to track down, as she is elderly but still insists on dragging and dropping entire folders to 'copy them'.

I will test over the upcoming holiday.

Re: i-DeClone v1.270 beta

Posted: 2022 Nov 22, 18:57
by nikos
happy thanksgiving :)