deskrule v2.6 beta (map search)

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deskrule v2.6 beta (map search)

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download beta version here:

Since the demise of IE the embedded map dialog doesn't work. We've designed an alternative dialog that maintains the output information (including saving the location name), but uses an EXTERNAL internet browser window to define the search area, and imports the latitude/longitude coordinates to use as search rules. You select the map point you want, specify a search area around it (in miles/kilometers), and deskrule will find photos shot in that area as before.
The procedure isn't as smooth as before, but it is tolerable IMHO
Explanator video:

please download the beta and tell me what you think, and if you feel the import procedure workflow can be further optimized

also tell me what you think about the new "shading main window" feature when a dialog opens
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