blog: stop IE launching Edge browser

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blog: stop IE launching Edge browser

Post by nikos » 2020 Aug 10, 07:58

here's the comment area for today's blog post found at

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Re: blog: stop IE launching Edge browser

Post by Tuxman » 2020 Aug 11, 09:14

Honestly, if you want to have a secure web browser, NetSurf might be for you:

(I would probably use it as my main browser if their HTML5 support was finished. Waiting... waiting...)

The new Edge with its Chrome codebase is ridiculous and I fail to understand why anyone would need just another Chrome user interface. I admit that Vivaldi is the better Firefox in 2020 because Mozilla has decided to show all of its founders and early users the finger, but it still uses Chromium. So what we have on the market is:
  1. Safari (Webkit)
  2. Chrome/Chromium
  3. Chromium- or WebKit-based browsers (Vivaldi, quteBrowser, Midori, Edge, ...)
  4. Firefox (Servo) and its forks (namely, Waterfox)
  5. Firefox (Gecko)-based browsers and/or early Mozilla forks (K-Meleon, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey)
  6. Minimalistic browsers with no real support for what people call the modern web (i.e. YouTube) (Lynx, Emacs’s eww, NetSurf, ...).
I found all of them quite lacking in the past and I still do. All I can see is that Mozilla is working hard to stay irrelevant.

Of course, that was not the point of the blog article though.
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