undefined indentifier

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undefined indentifier

Post by nicwilson » 2009 Apr 05, 23:34

I am new to this forum so sorry if this question is not in the right place.
 The same code on this page:

netezDOTcom  2x Explorer  shellFAQ bas_infos h t m l

shows two identifiers which I cannot find as defined anywhere,  can someone assist me with where these are defined?


Sorry for spacing out the url but your forum does not allow links to be posted until I have 1 post.   Useless if your first question ever needs to point you to one of your own pages as reference.


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Post by nikos » 2009 Apr 06, 04:33

these are overlay icons i added to the resources, copied from shell32.dll for windows versions that won't give them to new shell imagelists. You don't need this technique any more if you write for windows XP or later

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